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Answering your questions about Social Media!

This article was originally written for Inside Magazine and was featured as part of our monthly column entitled The Inside On Social Media.

Since starting this regular column with Inside Magazine, readers have been prolific at emailing in questions and requests for advice. So today I decided to tackle that growing inbox and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. How can I make social media a better place to be? ~ Louis, West Worthing.

A. This is a good one and came up, in one form or another, in several emails. My main advice for this is to understand that the algorithm (that’s the lines of computer code that make the whole platform work) will show you more of whatever you interact with. So think about that next time you’re about to comment on a garbage click-bait headline from a major news outlet, or when you’re about to write a sarcastic comment under your least favourite politicians latest Facebook update. Like, ReTweet & Comment on only the stuff you love and within a few weeks your social media feeds will look very different!

Q. Should I be paying for adverts on Facebook? ~ Jon, Durrington.

A. That depends entirely on what your goals are. If your goal is simply to keep your existing followers & friends informed with what’s happening with your business then the answer is no, there is no need to run paid ads. However if, like most businesses, you want to grow your following and increase awareness of your company then there is absolutely no way to do this consistently without paying for ads. Social Media, especially Facebook & Instagram, has become increasingly pay-to-play. Meaning if you want to reach anyone that isn’t already following you then you need to be running ads.

Q. I spend way too much time on social media, and it’s even effecting my relationships, how can I cut my screen time? ~ Sophie, Broadwater.

A. Ah Sophie, the age old question of how the heck can I stop checking my phone?! I feel for you, because social media can not only be highly addictive but also incredibly detrimental to our mental health. But you’re in luck because in the April edition of this very magazine I wrote an in depth article about how you can detox from social media. You can view back issues of Inside Magazine via their website. So head there now and digitally flick through Aprils magazine to find all my detailed advice.

Q. I want to come off Facebook altogether but just can’t seem to find the courage, any advice? ~ Dean, Goring.

A. My advice here may seem brutal but it’s probably what is needed; just do it. If you use it regularly to stay in touch with people then I would inform close friends & family that you’re deleting your profile and make sure they have the correct contact number for you, then get yourself into those Settings and delete your account. Afterwards give yourself a massive pat on the back because despite the fact I work in this industry I firmly believe a large percentage of people would be far better off without it in their lives, so well done you for getting it done!

I sincerely hope that my advice helps some of you tackle your social media woes. If you have any more questions that this tech-savy Agony Aunt can help you with then please email and put ‘Social Media Question’ in the header to make sure they reach me. I’ll do my best to get to them in future publications.

Jordan J. Whittingham The Inside on Social Media.

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