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DTW Improvements: Harnessing social media to drive business for a start up construction firm

We were approached by the owner of DTW Improvements in mid-2017 before the company even existed to price for a website build and on going marketing support for this start up company.

Together with our help the company launched with a new website purpose built specifically to be easy to use and approachable for their target market. Regular social media posts became a vital aspect of this companies early success, and this area really started to set them apart from the competition as few others were investing time into their social following. Consultancy was also key in the early days as we offered advice and support from the companies inception ensuring they were less prone to expensive and easily avoidable mistakes early on.

The company was welcomed by an incredible reception within their local area and after the first year was a huge success DTW allowed additional funds to be spent on their online marketing. Together we created a long term plan with the goal of continued growth and sales of higher ticket value items.

To this day the company relies on us for a vast array of marketing services, from continued advice and support on their off-line strategy to utilising the power of Facebook ads for recruitment of office staff and contractors.

We love working with this incredible family owned and run business and will continue to support them over the many more successful years that are ahed.

If you’re in need of expert home improvements in and around the Dorset area of the UK, look no further than DTW Improvements.

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