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The Whittingham Group: Welcome Infinite Plumbing & Heating

We started working with the team at Infinite Plumbing & Heating back in 2016 when they were only just starting out. They needed the basics - a website, social media accounts set up and ongoing management with content creation for their socials.

Early on we focused on pure brand awareness, running paid ads on social media targeted at the local community to get people used to seeing the company and building up an increasing level of trust and familiarity amongst the local community. For the website we utilised the power of SEO and Google Adwords to quickly start chipping away at the competition and to get the phone ringing!

After the initial services were a success and their business started to grow they soon added on additional services with us such as monthly email marketing (used to keep them in the minds of their existing client base), paid advertising management across social media and regular content creation for their websites blog.

As the company continued to grow it became apparent that Infinite Plumbing & Heating were slowly but surely carving out a real presence in Sussex and it was clear that the company was soon to experience some large growth.

In early 2019 we were approached by the owner of Infinite Plumbing & Heating with an investment opportunity. For us it was a welcome surprise and after a quick negotiation period we purchased a minority share in this incredible company and welcomed them into the Whittingham Group.

Since then their growth has continued and together we’re harnessing the power of social medial, online marketing and local reputation to position ourselves as one of the fastest growing plumbing companies on the South Coast.

To find out more about Infinite Plumbing & Heating visit their website at and make sure to follow them across all the social media channels.

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