Welcome to Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy. If you're looking to thrive online through social media and online marketing then you've come to the right place. With clients all over the world we know what it takes to drive your business forward online. We also offer expert consultancy and training on all things marketing to allow you and your team to thrive. 




Whether you're a small business simply looking to get started in the world of social media & online marketing, or you're an established company looking to take things to the next level, we can help you achieve your goals. With years of experience in helping companies thrive online there is no aspect of online marketing that we don't feel confident with. 

Through our network of clients we're well placed & experienced in launching campaigns and testing results. Through our podcast we interview high performers in all industries and get an insiders view on how to succeed in various forms. Through our coaching & consultancy we get to meet lots of incredible teams that are looking to better understand the sometimes confusing world of online marketing & social media! 

Whatever it is that you're looking for we can help! 




We love working with incredible businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing them to thrive online. Below you'll find just some of our 50+ clients both past & present who've used us for our vast understanding of online marketing. 







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