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Unveiling the Heritage Collection: A Triumph in Time with Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy

The Newmark Watch Company, known for its rich horological legacy, made waves in mid-2023 with the launch of its Heritage Collection. This blog post unravels the behind-the-scenes narrative of this highly anticipated launch and the pivotal role played by Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy in bringing this vision to life.

At the heart of the Heritage Collection lies a profound vision—to seamlessly blend Newmark's historical essence with contemporary craftsmanship and relaunch three iconic timepieces. The result is a collection of watches that stand as a testament to the brand's commitment to timeless elegance & superior affordable watch making.

Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy, renowned for its expertise in strategic marketing, was enlisted to ensure the Heritage Collection's launch would be nothing short of spectacular. Their involvement marked a turning point in the trajectory of this historic product launch.

The journey began with the cultivation of a vibrant and engaged social media community. Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy employed creative strategies to boost an already dedicated following eagerly awaiting the Heritage Collection's unveiling, and reengaged Newmark's existing following with exciting content that both teased and informed about the upcoming launch.

Paid social media advertising became a linchpin in directing targeted traffic to the Heritage Collection launch site. Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy's targeted campaigns not only drew attention and gained followers, but also fuelled excitement, setting the stage for a successful launch.

Harnessing the potential of the existing customer database, Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy orchestrated a strategic email marketing campaign. This approach aimed to create personalised connections and build anticipation within Newmark's already loyal customer base, as well as encouraging the sharing of these emails with people outside the companies customer base and, as a result, increasing their reach.

The email newsletters designed for the Heritage Collection launch were carefully curated to transcend mere announcements. Through compelling content and captivating visuals, subscribers were taken on a journey, being informed and tased about the upcoming watches and therefore heightening the anticipation for the collection.

The results spoke volumes. The intersection of social media management and email marketing translated into increased sales and conversion rates during the launch. Customer testimonials echoed the success of these efforts, underlining the resonance of the Heritage Collection, so much so that Newmark decided to maintained there employment of Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy as their online marketing team.

A retrospective look at how the combination of social media management and email marketing created a groundswell of excitement. User-generated content and community involvement further amplified the anticipation, solidifying the Heritage Collection as a triumph in Newmark Watches history.

The collaboration between the Newmark Watch Company and Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy stands as a testament to the power of strategic marketing in the realm of luxury timepieces. The Heritage Collection, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, is not just a celebration of Newmark's legacy but a promising glimpse into the brand's future. We are honoured to have played our part and look forward to a long and successful partnership with the brand.

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