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New logo and brand guidelines created for Sussex based vintage clothing business, Vibra Clothing.

Vibra Clothing is a vintage clothing company that prides itself on its high-end & quality apparel. They came to us looking for a new logo and brand guidelines that would accurately reflect the aesthetic and longterm vision of their company and appeal to their target audience.

Our design team started by conducting extensive research on vintage branding and high end fashion. We looked at a wide range of clothing companies and studied the design elements that made their branding successful. This research, combined with approx. 10 hours of face-to-face time with the owners, allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the aesthetic that Vibra Clothing was looking for.

With this knowledge in hand, our team set to work on designing a logo that would embody the long term vision of the company while also being modern, instantly recognisable, and timeless. We experimented with different fonts, colours, and imagery to come up with a logo that met the criteria. After several rounds of revisions, we landed on a final version that consisted of a simple text based design that we believe will stand the test of time and become iconic in the fashion industry. The font was elegant and sophisticated, perfectly capturing the vibe of the company.

Once the logo was finalised, we turned our attention to creating brand guidelines for Vibra. These guidelines included detailed information on how to use the logo, what colours and fonts to use, and how to apply the branding consistently across all marketing materials. This ensured that the company would be able to maintain a consistent and cohesive brand identity moving forward, something the owners had struggled with previously.

The final result was a logo and brand guidelines pack that perfectly captured the unique aesthetic and goals of Vibra Clothing. The company was thrilled with the new look and has seen an increase in brand recognition and engagement since implementing the new design.

It was a pleasure to work with Vibra Clothing and help bring their brand to life.

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