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How important is social media really?

These days it seems that everyone is on social media, from your grandparents to the President of The United States (the less said about that the better!). Social media is perfect for keeping in touch with friends using Facebook, envying the rich & famous on Instagram or retweeting your favourite comedian on Twitter it seems that in one way or another we are all interacting on social media platforms in one way or another; and this should be no different for your business.  Make no mistake about it, your customers are on social media and if your business doesn't have a strong presence then they are far more likely to discover your competitors over you. But social media is more than just posting photos and sharing what you're up to. Social media for businesses has become an incredible tool for customer service. Clients can contact you through social media messaging if they have a query or are interested in your product/service. You can share important updates & news about your brand, or ask questions and get your audience involved in market research. But above all by staying active on social media you are staying present in the minds of your customer base/audience - meaning the next time they need your services or are looking for your product they'll be more likely to come to you. Social media is so important in a marketing strategy that it is our primary focus when we bring a new client on board to evaluate where they're at with their social media presence and how we can implement changes to ensure they're being seen and interacted with.  If you're not using social media in the right way, or are concerned that you're not getting the results you want from it then it may be worth considering outsourcing it to a marketing team like us! We can manage your social media on your behalf, posting content daily and interacting with your clients in an effective and professional manner. Our Bronze social media package starts at only £150 per month (less than £35 per week!) and means you can rest assured that your business has a solid social media presence correctly representing your company. If you're interested in this service please contact us via one of the following: 📧 ​📲 Send us a message HERE

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