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5 Ways To Kick Start Your Marketing In The New Year

It's never too early to start planning for the New Year when it comes to your business! But where is the best place to start? Continue reading for our top 5 recommendations to kick start your New Year marketing.

1) Social Media Strategy ~ The New Year could be the perfect excuse for you to get your social media working for you. But just posting content isn't enough, it's time to get creative! Running competitions, giveaways & promotions are a great way to increase engagement on your page. Making your social media profile an exciting place to be for your followers is key to ensuring you get the maximum return for your investment of time into your social accounts.  2) Google Adwords Campaign ~ An Adwords campaign (otherwise known as Pay Per Click - PPC) can be a fantastic way to ensure people seeking out your product or services can find you easily on Google. Although possible to manage an Adwords campaign on your own it is always better to seek professional help with this as there are many pitfalls to avoid. However, when done correctly an Adwords campaign can yield very impressive results, quickly & cost-effectively. If you're looking for advice or support whilst running an Adwords campaign feel free to contact us.  3) Website Redesign ~ Is your website portraying your business in the best possible light? If your website looks dated then that is the impression you give off to someone who discovers you online for the first time. Website technology is moving at an incredible pace and it is easy for SME's to get left behind with old websites. Staying on top of current trends is important to ensure your website is most likely to convert traffic into clients. We offer incredible website design packages starting at only £150. So, if your website could do with a revamp contact us today for details on how we can help.

4) Offline Marketing ~ The world may well be increasingly active online, but that does not mean that there is no place in your strategy for offline promotion too. From the traditional and time tested magazine & billboard advertising to Radio or Ad Screens there are an increasing number of unique & effective ways to promote your business in the high streets & locations that your potential clients hang out! 5) Get Creative ~ One thing is for certain in 2019; advertising your company effectively is sure to become even harder! Due to ever increasing demand & overcrowded methods of promotion it will be the truly unique & creative companies that stand out! So let your creative side out when thinking of way to promote your business in the New Year & m,ake sure you stand out from the crowd! ​If you're looking for a team of marketing experts behind your business, contact us today for pricing & details on our incredible marketing packages.

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