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HeatWorks: Helping Southampton Based Plumber Thrive Online

We were first approached by HeatWorks Heating & Plumbing in mid-2019, but we already had a plumbing & heating client. Luckily they operated in two completely separate areas of the UK so after ensuring both parties were happy that we represented similar companies we got started with managing their social media.

To start we completely transformed the feel of their social media pages by limiting the amount of professional photos and corporate style posts, and started to incorporate more real photos taken by the workers whilst out on site and in the office. This made the company feel more ‘real’ and approachable to their audience. As things started to improve and their page interaction slowly started to increase, we decided it would be a good time to run a competition.

The owner of the company decided to give away £100 pounds worth of online shopping vouchers shortly before Christmas 2019. The timing of this competition couldn’t have been better and it really took off, with the company increasing it’s total page likes by over 900 on Facebook & Twitter! A winner was selected and the vouchers were hand delivered by the owner (another great chance for more photos/content to be made!).

Shortly before the competition was launched we were also tasked with managing their monthly email newsletter. The company had an email list of over 3000 past customers, so we got to work promoting their services, social offers and business info through the newsletters and very quickly customers started to return and became repeat-customers in no time!

When the New Year arrived, and with a much improved social following, we changed the approach to social media again and started to post both company relevant info and local news & events. This prompted people to start tagging their friends and sharing our content, meaning people were increasingly more likely to interact with a plumbing page whether or not they needed a plumber!

The good results continued and to this day we continue to manage their social media pages and their monthly email newsletter.

If you’re a homeowner in Southampton or Hampshire and are looking for a superior plumber who won’t let you down, look no further than HeatWorks Plumbing & Heating.

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