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Social Media For Musicians: Harness it's Power To Get a Top 20 UK album!

No matter what industry you're in harnessing the power of social media to increase sales or brand awareness will play a key part in your long term success. This is especially prevalent in the music industry where without a large platform and impressive reach it can seem near impossible to break through no matter how talented you are!

In 2019 we worked with the fantastic ska & reggae group The Dualers on their marketing plan. Among other objectives, we were tasked with managing their social media campaign in the build up to their new album release. To do this we had to not only keep their existing fan base engaged and excited about the latest release but also take their social media to the next level in order to bring in new fans and try to get this album as high in the UK charts as possible - no mean feat for an independent group!

We put together a bespoke marketing plan for them that consisted of high levels of daily activity across platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram plus lots of audience interaction allowing fans to feel like they had a direct line to their favourite band! By using methods such as competitions, giveaways, and other interactive game-style posts we encouraged their audience to interact with the page, which in turn ensured the organic growth of the page continued to grow week on week. We were using the fans passion for the band to help the social media pages grow organically!

Alongside this we had a modest advertising budget to play with. Due to the success of the organic growth we could use the majority of this budget on an aggressive advertising campaign targeting music lovers that were new to the band or their genre of music. With these two techniques working in unison, alongside several posts per day to each platform, we were quickly gaining 400-600 new page likes per week on FB alone!

As the hype for the new album continued to grow the big moment arrived on 2nd August

2019 when, after months of hard work & build up, The Dualers album Palm Trees & 80 Degrees rocketed into the UK Album Charts and peaked at number 11, taking many people by surprise! A success like this was the spring board The Dualers needed to head into 2020 with the announcement of a new tour, and another studio album coming soon!

If you're an artist, musician or band that wants to use the power of online marketing to put your music or business in the spotlight contact us today to discuss our incredible packages and learn how we can help you to thrive online!

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