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Alex Moody - on drumming, coming up through the music industry, & starting his own drum school!

“Say yes and figure it out later!” — Alex Moody

**This blog post and episode were written & recorded prior to the major outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 in the UK, therefore some of the events mentioned in this article and the podcast itself may be cancelled or rearranged**

Sitting down with Alex Moody (@amoodydrummer) is joy! From his stories about coming up through the music industry to his candid views on the struggles of starting a business this interview has a little bit of something for everyone!

Alex is the drummer in ska & reggae group The Dualers and alongside the band he has achieved a notable level of musical success including a top 20 UK album in 2019 with Palm Trees & 80 Degrees peaking at number 11 in the charts and their 2020 tour due to end with a landmark performance at Londons Wembley Arena in November.

As well as his musical success Alex has recently ventured beyond the stage and set up a Drum School in Lewes, England, where he aims to inspire the next generation of drummers with his unique and powerful take on teaching.

In this interview we cover a wide range of topics from how Alex got started in music, his top tips for up and coming musicians and the challenges he's facing as a new business owner!

So, without further ado please enjoy this wide ranging interview with the wonderful Alex Moody.

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  • Connect with Alex Moody - Facebook, Instagram, Website

  • The Dualers & their latest album Palm Trees & 80 Degrees [01:35]

  • Passion outlasts talent [09:30]

  • Comfort is the enemy and the benefits of being uncomfortable [11:44]

  • Growing up fast and curbing immaturity [13:40]

  • Finishing a school day and heading to gigs [15:30]

  • Preparing to not feel the pressure of large gigs [19:37]

  • Asking questions and not being afraid to say "I don't understand" [20:50]

  • Playing in the Lloyd Yates band [25:23}

  • Having a 'real job' whilst trying to make it as a drummer [28:12]

  • The importance of Facebook forums for aspiring musicians [32:09]

  • Tinderflint Production Agency & the importance of video showreels [32:33]

  • Cold calling record agencies and how to overcome the fears of doing so [36:07]

  • Time allocation & not wasting your time with Netflix! [39:06]

  • 'Jam nights' and why Alex doesn't think these are the necessarily best outlet for young musicians [40:13]

  • Not believing everything you see or hear on social media & why it's important to show your real self [46:30]

  • Say yes & figure it out afterwards [49:50]

  • Ash Soan [52:11]

  • If you want to be a musician, know what you're signing up for! [54:21]

  • Sting, pick up the phone! [55:15]

  • Doing business on the toilet! [57:20]

  • Applying to join The Dualers [57:48]

  • We lost audio! Quick explanation and then back into the recording for part 2 [1:02:02]

  • Why start a Drum School? [1:03:15]

  • The longevity of the touring musicians lifestyle [1:04:55]

  • The importance of visualisation & daydreaming and how Alex uses it to drive himself [1:08:00]

  • Focus on having the right problems [1:15:14]

  • Shutting out the noise & negative comments [1:35:30]

  • Morning & daily routines / habits [1:45:38]

  • Living in your success every day [1:51:10]

  • Flow: The Psychology of Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi [1:55:06]

  • Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant (Alex recommends the audio version) [1:55:29]

  • We pay in cash, time, or stress so choose carefully [1:56:15]

Thank you for listening, we hope you continue to enjoy the If We Can Do It podcast.

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