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Helping a traditional company thrive in modern times by reaching an entire new audience!

When we were first approached by Springs Smoked Salmon, a traditional smokery based in the heart of the South Downs National Park with methods dating back to 1964, they wanted to re-engage their audience through new channels.

After awhile it became apparent that their existing audience wasn't disengaged, in fact they loved the company and all it stood for, and with corporate clients such as Harrods on the books it was clear that Springs product was incredible and the existing customers weren't going anywhere. Instead it became clear what we actually needed to do was expand their audience!

With the cultural and culinary city of Brighton only a short drive away it became clear that what we actually needed to do was get their incredible products - and background story - to a new market. Tapping into a market they hadn't even thought of before. A market of conscious culinary buyers, not content with just popping down the supermarket, those actively looking for a superior product with a fascinating back story that they would be proud to shout about at dinner parties.

We put together a plan for their socials, using high quality imagery of the produce coupled with 'real' imagery taken by the owners around the property we began to build an audience that wanted to interact and share in this incredible companies story!

Over several months of hard work and through regular posting, competitions, engaging posts and regular paid adverts across multiple social media channels we helped guide a traditional company through a global pandemic that saw the end of many similar businesses. Not only did they survive 2020 but they thrived, with Christmas orders seeing an all time high!

The lesson? Social media plays an important role in ALL manner of businesses these days, from the small independent craftsman to the huge multi-national corporation. And when done correctly it can lead to growth, success and opportunity for any business owner.

If you're looking to improve your companies performance on social media, or indeed via any other form of online advertising, contact us today!

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