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The marketing company behind empires - how to manage multiple businesses

Running one business is hard enough so when someone decides to take on another, especially one in a completely different industry, it's a brave move and has to be respected.

Toby Steggal taking on new challenges!

Managing multiple companies successfully relies on good time management, focus, passion, and trust in the team around you - this is why we were honoured when approached by existing client Toby Steggal of Pure View Window Cleaning and asked to be the marketing team behind his latest business venture, TS Fitness.

As listeners of Toby's podcast episode with us will know he is a passionate businessman and fitness enthusiast who has spent decades testing and debunking numerous fad diets and workouts - all whilst running a very successful window cleaning company, one that even thrived in the midst of a global pandemic! So it was inevitable that his next venture would be into the health & fitness industry.

TS Fitness is an online coaching company where clients will have fully bespoke diets and training plans created by Toby with the intention of achieving their health & fitness goals in the safest and quickest way possible, without any of the nonsense, as well as online support and weekly check ins - think full time trainer & nutritionist without the £60K per year price tag! As with his other company, Toby has partnered with us to run his social media and website with the goal of increasing brand awareness and gaining clients online.

Toby is no stranger to hard work & dedication!

To get started we created a simple but eye catching mobile optimised website design that would be easy to understand and navigate for potential clients of all ages. We also focused on not making the site overly masculine or aggressive, as is the case with some others with similar businesses, to ensure we could attract a broad range of clients.

Next up we set Toby up with his new social media platforms, ensuring they were branded correctly and set up in such a way that they could be instantly effective when first seen on peoples timelines. Early growth has been good and Toby has received a number of enquiries through DM's and the website despite having only just launched!

Hitting the ground running in this manner is only possible when you have a wealth of marketing knowledge behind you, and Toby has always appreciated working with those at the top of their game. We are truly excited for this next adventure and look forward to continuing to work and grow Toby's various businesses.

For those looking to learn more Toby has graciously accepted an invite to come back on the podcast and discuss the challenges and excitement of setting up a second business, stay tuned for updates on this in due course.

If you're looking to hit the ground running when launching a new business, get the experts behind you, contact us today and let us kick start your new venture.

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