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Toby Steggal - Starting a business, the origins of Pure View, & plans for the future!

"If you put everything into it, you won't fail" ~ Toby Steggal

**This blog post and episode were written & recorded prior to the major outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 in the UK. Any references to major global events are purely coincidental**

A window cleaner might not be the most obvious podcast guest, but when someone grows a one-man-band business to such an impressive level as Toby Steggal of Pure View has, the profession itself becomes irrelevant whilst the lessons learnt form the journey can be universal.

Toby started Pure View Window Cleaning with no money at a time in his life when he decided there was no room for a plan B. He wanted to build something special, and combining that with his incredible level of self-belief he started on a journey that would take him from struggling to make ends meet to now having a clear 10 year plan in place to grow his business to one of the biggest & best in Sussex.

As well as his business success Toby epitomises the 'hard work = reward' mentality. With so much self belief and drive behind him its clear why we invited him on the show. Alongside his business advice Toby discusses his passion for fitness (including his daily routines, workout & personal best lifts), the importance of good nutrition, and how his religion has played a key role in his life too.

This interview with Toby was a pleasure and I hope that his every-man style and straight talking attitude helps people realise that, as the podcast name suggests, if we can do it so can you!

So, without any further from me, please enjoy this fantastic interview with the brilliant Toby Steggal of Pure View Window Cleaning.

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  • Connect with Toby/Pure View Window Cleaning - Facebook, Instagram, Website

  • Why work for yourself? [02:55]

  • Starting a business with no money! [05:35]

  • Self confidence and where Toby's comes from [07:00]

  • Learning from others on the same journey [08:30]

  • Tobys longterm vision - owner not operator [10:30]

  • The power of social media for small businesses [11:00]

  • Advice for those starting out in business [13:30]

  • Avoiding mistakes early on [18:10]

  • Keeping focus whilst dealing with family life [22:00]

  • Toby's morning routine and how it helps him thrive [26:00]

  • Oura Ring & sleep tracking [28:30]

  • Diet, meal prep & why it's important [30:00]

  • Tobys fitness schedule & workout routine [31:00]

  • Tobys personal best lifting records [34.04]

  • Recommended resources for those looking to improve nutrition & fitness Luke Sandoe, James Hollingshead, & TrainedByJP [37:00]

  • Being the best you can be and why Toby always wants to win [35:20]

  • Why happiness is the ultimate win [42:00]

  • Don't look to eradicate problem, just work to have better problems! [45:00]

  • Religion and the role it's played in Tobys life and his business success [46:00]

  • Toby's parting words: If you want to be successful, you have to work for it. [51:34]

Thank you for listening, we hope you continue to enjoy the If We Can Do It podcast.

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