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#3: Lockdown Special! My favourite books, recent reads and how to come out of this stronger!

Welcome to another episode of the If We Can Do It podcast!

Todays episode will be slightly different than the others, due to the current Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, today we do not have a guest as such! Instead this episode will be our host Jordan, owner of Whittingham Marketing, discussing some of his favourite books, recent reads and how he believes we can all use this time to come out stronger than we went in! Below you'll hear from Jordan:

"In order to give a little context to this episode I am an avid reader! I always have a book on the go and truly adore reading. I read both fiction & non-fiction, however the latter heavily outweighs the former only really because of the current subject matter I am most interested in. I consider myself a a bit of a book snob and I will not simply read anything, it’s because of this that I feel the books I have read and enjoyed, especially the fiction books, are some of the best there are - more on that later!

Some people may be horrified to hear that I write notes, highlight and scribble in almost all my books, regardless of genre. Notes can include things I want to remember, quotes or turns of phrase that I particularly like or any other reason that I deem important or enjoyable enough to deface the book for!

During the course of this episode I am going to share with you 6 book recommendations that have either had a profound effect on me, or that I’ve really enjoy. 3 of them will be non-fiction, which we’ll cover first, and 3 fiction which we’ll end with. After you’ve listened to this podcast please let me know your thoughts on the books I’ve recommended, if you’ve read them, or if you’re going to check them out and also let me know some of your favourite reads in the comments on the blog or via social media.

So sit down, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy me sharing some of my favourite books with you and why I think you should check them out too!"

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