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Helping prepare businesses for post-lockdown reopening!

The mood has shifted slightly here in the UK. After a few spells of good weather and an announcement from the Government that there is now a road out of lockdown, business owners & consumers alike are starting to get excited about the re-opening and a return to some level of normality.

Hair stylist Jack Bayne is ready to reopen!

People like our client world renowned hair stylist Jack Bayne of Japonica in Brighton are beginning to plan how best to reopen and essentially relaunch their business once restrictions have been lifted - and social media plays a huge role in that.

We work with many clients like Jack who have a brick and mortar presence on our high streets, from independent salmon smokeries to local embroidery companies, all of whom need to ensure maximum reach when they reopen. So how do we help?

From targeted social media ad campaigns to an increase in daily posting activity we create plans to ensure that your business' audience is not only aware of the reopening but excited for it!

Springs Smokery are excited to reopen!

We're seeing clear trends across the board that suggest initial consumer spending once restrictions have lifted will be very large as shoppers look to let off steam after an unforgettable year (for all the wrong reasons!) and our goal is to ensure your business gets its fair share of the boost in spending!

If you're not already planning or instigating a clear plan for relaunching post lockdown then you need to be - and we're here to help! From social media management to website design we can help your business thrive online and re-engage your customers after such a long period of consumer uncertainty.

If you need help in finding ways to get your business thriving online, contact us today!

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